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数家巨头携5000万美元入局 加密技术将影响各国央行丨BlockTrain



数家巨头携5000万美元入局 加密技术将影响各国央行丨BlockTrain

知情人士透露,全球几家最大的银行正投资约5000万美元,以用区块链技术建立数字现金系统,解决金融交易问题。该项目名为“公用事业结算代币”(Utility Settlement Coin,USC),最初由瑞士银行瑞银集团和伦敦技术创业公司Clearmatics于2015年提出。它旨在开发一个系统,使金融市场的清算和结算更加高效。知情人士透露,大约十几家银行投资了一个名为Fnality的新实体,以便运行该项目。新系统可能会在2020年推出。巴克莱银行的发言人在一份书面声明中称,“我们是USC项目成员,可以确认研发阶段即将结束。”

The previously disclosed project, known as the "utility settlement coin," was first proposed by Swiss bank UBS Group AG and London-based technology startup Clearmatics in 2015. It aims to develop a system to make clearing and settlement in financial markets more efficient. (reut.rs/2wLsV3c) 

Around a dozen banks are investing in a new entity called Fnality which would run the project, one of the people said. 

The deal has not been finalized so details may change. The new system could launch in 2020, the person said.




数家巨头携5000万美元入局 加密技术将影响各国央行丨BlockTrain


Big Four auditing firm KPMG has identified the top four skills needed for a blockchain-related career, in a press release shared with Cointelegraph on May 16.

KPMG suggests that an increasing number of companies will investigate blockchain technology this year. “Blockchain projects will not succeed or scale without a multifaceted team that goes beyond technologists,” the firm states, thus identifying the four major skills needed for a career in the industry.

KPMG argues that the successful deployment of blockchain tech depends on professionals with both technology literacy and business acumen.




数家巨头携5000万美元入局 加密技术将影响各国央行丨BlockTrain

5月16日,ConsenSys、LVMH和微软宣布达成合作,将共同开发AURA平台。该平台将通过以太坊区块链技术,并利用Microsoft Azure为奢侈品行业提供强大的溯源服务,方便消费者获取奢侈品的生产流通等信息。

ConsenSys, in partnership with LVMH and Microsoft, announced on Thursday AURA, a platform that aims to serve the entire luxury industry with powerful product tracking and tracing services, based on Ethereum blockchain technology and utilizing Microsoft Azure. AURA makes it possible for consumers to access the product history and proof of authenticity of luxury goods, from raw materials to the point of sale, all the way to second-hand markets.

Several brands of the LVMH Group, such as Louis Vuitton and Parfums Christian Dior, are currently involved, and advanced discussions are underway to onboard additional brands from the LVMH Group, and other luxury groups globally. For Louis Vuitton, the development of the AURA project is the culmination of the traceability program (Track & Trace) launched more than three years ago.

The luxury goods industry involves many specialized actors design, raw materials, manufacturing, and distribution. LVMH products have a unique story to tell throughout the product life cycle that can now be revealed through the use of blockchain technology. During production, each product is recorded on the shared ledger, irreproducible and containing unique information.




数家巨头携5000万美元入局 加密技术将影响各国央行丨BlockTrain

5月16日,BlockTower Capital联合创始人Ari Paul发推称:在上一轮牛市周期中,加密技术发展到足以威胁到证券监管机构。在下一个牛市周期,其发展规模将大到足以威胁到各国央行,到时候的场面一定很激烈。毕竟权力的重大转变通常都要经过一番斗争才能实现。

“In the last bull cycle, crypto got big enough to threaten securities regulators.  In the next bull cycle, it will get big enough to threaten central banks.  Things may get ugly.  Major shifts in power usually don't happen without a fight.”




数家巨头携5000万美元入局 加密技术将影响各国央行丨BlockTrain

纽约最高法院的法官Joel M. Cohen在周四发表的一份意见书中指出:1.命令Bitfinex和Tether高管和员工停止将Tether的储备借给Bitfinex,以及其他任何一方,除非是正常业务;2.除工资和正常承包商、顾问或供应商付款外,Tether不能将其储备金中的任何资金分配给高管、员工或其他个人;3.Bitfinex和Tether都能以任何方式修改NYAG原始传票中要求的文件;4.禁令将在90天后到期,但NYAG办公室可以请求法院在此前两周延长。

A New York judge ordered crypto exchange Bitfinex and its affiliated stablecoin issuer Tether to turn over documentation about a loan and a line of credit Tether provided to Bitfinex.

Judge Joel Cohen, of the state’s Supreme Court, echoed comments from a preliminary hearing held last week in New York City in an opinion published late Thursday, ordering Bitfinex and Tether execs and employees stop loaning Tether’s reserves to Bitfinex, alongside a number of other stipulations during an ongoing investigation by the New York Attorney General’s office (NYAG).

“The Court finds that the preliminary injunction should be tailored to address OAG’s legitimate law enforcement concerns while not unnecessarily interfering with Respondents’ legitimate business activities,” he wrote.




火币全球站现已支持USDT-TRC20 的充币和交易业务,并将支持波场TRON针对USDT-TRC20持有者的空投活动。


参与方式:在火币矿池锁仓任意USDT(USDT-Omni、USDT-ERC20或USDT-TRC20),且单笔锁仓量≥100 USDT(火币矿池每日锁仓总量上限为5000万USDT)

快照时间:新加坡时间每日08:00 am


Binance将拿出50,000 BNB回馈社区,同时,所有VIP用户等级在原有基础上提升1个等级。


活动时间:2019年5月15日21:00 -2019年5月18日上午8:00(香港时间)

活动期间,凡在Binance官网参与交易,有效交易量满1 BTC的用户平分50,000 BNB


活动时间:2019年5月15日21:00 -2019年5月22日上午8:00(香港时间)


火币全球站将于新加坡时间5月22日开启第三期火币优选上币通道(Huobi Prime),本次上线项目为Reserve Protocol(RSR)。在第二期交易规则的基础上,近期广泛听取了用户意见及建议,进行了相应的优化。



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